Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oh, Oh, Oakshott!

In March, I received a package of Oakshott cotton fabric in Colourshotts!

the colors are simply luscious!  
And the texture equally as amazing.
They have a wonderful crispness...
I just couldn't wait to cut into these!  And I had the perfect project in mind.  I wanted to combine the Oakshotts with a very lovely understated Japanese fabric in a baby size quilt.  The quilt was inspired by a Japanese creation I pinned on Pinterest {oh are an irresistible pleasure}

The color of the colourshott cotton is so incredible and intense...I like the combination with another more subdued cotton.
Irregular crosses float on this white background.  

 The binding is a yarn dyed Essex linen.
And, as I usually do, I was eager to wash this one after it was bound!  I really wanted to see how the Oakshotts looked after a wash and dry!
 They really looked amazing!

   For the backing I used the black from Boo Crew ;)
I love this fabric...such a good one for just about any project!
And a little embroidered label.
I hope you will hop over to Oakshott Fabrics and check them out!
If you haven't tried Oakshott cotton....I hope you have an opportunity soon.  They do not disappoint....wonderful in every way!
happy thursday!

Friday, April 4, 2014

When I Run Dry....I Stop a While and Think of You....

This time of year, everything is a bit of a slog for me...
it really is unfortunate.  Consistent with my coordinates, this time of year brings the promise of new beginnings. Yet, I am left feeling a bit blue and not quite ready for the happiness of sunshine and warm days.
But this week I was on a mission. No time to mire in the muck!
The motivation will have to remain a mystery for now, but I am excited to be sewing with a purpose...
I have been playing with solids {funny how that works!}
lots of wonky triangles on a bed of snow!
 a nice baby size to find a backing and to quilt!

Next up...another baby quilt!  And again, solids, but a very different feel.  This was inspired by a knitted blanket I pinned on Pinterest.  Gotta love Pinterest!

  Not quite finished.
I used a combination of solids for these projects.  Some Konas, Studio E peppered cottons, Moda Crossweave and Art Gallery solids.
It's interesting how different solids can feel and behave!
I love the depth of the peppered cottons and the crossweave, but I do find they require a bit more attention.  Because of the nature of the weave, they can easily be distorted in the pressing if you aren't careful.  But you just can beat the wonderful texture they add to any project.
Robert Kaufman Kona's have such a wide range of color, there is always just the right color for any project....and who doesn't love that!  Then Art Gallery solids are so yummy to the touch! I love that they feel like expensive bed sheets!
I know there are oodles of other solids out there.  Tell me your favorite!  
And just as a little teaser....I will be posting about another amazing line of solids...Oakshott!  
But for now, I would love to know which solids you prefer and why!
happy friday!
** title...So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright by Simon and Garfunkel

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Refresher

A few posts ago, I mentioned a little quilt I am working on for someone special....

This is simply a triangle quilt...using an equilateral triangle ruler...
but sometimes triangle quilts are anything but simple.
I am using a method for piecing that I think works very well with triangles.  If I remember correctly, I saw this technique the first time in a quilt book by Sandy Klop.  I think it deserves repeating...

First determine the size triangle you want to use....I am using a Fons and Porter triangle ruler.
Following the grid on the ruler...cut a strip from two different fabrics the size required for your triangles.  I am cutting my strips 5" by the width of the fabric.  Stitch the strips together {right sides facing} on both long edges.  ** I like to cut my strips in half so I have a 22" strip.  That way I can mix up my fabrics.  In other words, I don't necessarily always want the same two fabrics next to each other**      

Begin on the left side of your strips, and placing the ruler so only half of the triangle is along the edge make a cut.  This cut is just to get the angle for cutting more sets.  

 Simply flip the ruler and match the left hand side along the previous cut and cut again...on the right hand side....repeat...

Now unpick the small tip of the triangle set...

Your triangle will look like this...

I like to press the seams open.
Once you have sets stitched an cut, it's time to piece them together in diagonal rows.

I have found that piecing these in diagonal rows helps to keep the points nice and pointy.  A single triangle will need to be added to the beginning and the end of each row.
Of course, each row added will be longer than the previous row...

As you keep adding rows, you will begin to decrease the triangles in the rows once you have the width...I like to lay it all out and number the rows before stitching everything together...

Once all your rows are stitched together, you will need to trim up the sides to make them straight.    
I like this method...give it a try or tell me if you have used this method before...

Hopefully, I will have a finished quilt to show you before long! Yippee!
happy monday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Liberty Unicorns....

The shop is having a birthday celebration....
every year the theme is different...
this year it is Unicorns and Rainbows...
I happened to run into a couple of Unicorns in Target
but they lacked the proper frill for a celebration...
so, armed with a lovely bundle of Liberty scraps and some Mod Podge...I gave my Unicorns a coat fit for a party!
I then peppered their tails and horn with a majestic gold sparkle...
and mounted each noble steed upon a vessel full of the most scrumptious treats!
and this is how the Liberty Unicorn came to be...
let the party begin!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Working on Something Sweet for Someone Sweet....

Sorry to be a tease....
I've started on a project for someone special...
Using an equilateral triangle ruler {tutorial refresher to follow}

The fabrics are very low volume and equally as sweet as the recipient...

more to come...
mary :) 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Returning to the Web....

Some time ago....before my mother became ill...I began a spider web quilt.  My quilt is based on the pattern by Kathy Doughty in Material Obsession 2.  
But of course, life got very busy and I folded the quilt up for another day.  I would pull it out every now and then to stitch a few lines.  
It isn't an easy one to pick stitch. The strips are sewn to a fabric it is very heavy and very thick.  
I really didn't have much left to do....
so I pulled it out last night before the Oscars.
The quilting is finished and the binding is on!
Just in time for my binding class tonight!  I will be able to show the class a quilt ready for hand stitching the binding to the back!  Yippee!
As I held it on my lap quilting last night....I thought about all the little pieces of fabric in this quilt.  Some of them are long gone but well loved....
Maybe these bright colors will entice Spring to make an appearance!
happy monday!